Michael Matheny graduated from Pensacola Bible Institute in May, 1998.  He pastored Victory Baptist Church in Bay Minnette, Alabama, before coming to Autauga Heights Baptist Church in December, 2000.

Backed by his church he faithfully preaches on the street and in the local jails. After living a life on drugs and alcohol God answered his prayer for help. He was saved November the 9th, 1982 in a green plaid chair, in a small apartment in Pensacola Florida.

After answering the call to preach many obstacles were placed along the path, but God, who is rich in mercy has seen to it that he would stay on "The Firing Line".

He is militant in his approach to Christianity as he follows those before him, Jesus Christ, The Apostle Paul, Stephen "the Martyred saint in Acts 7", and all the Christians saved under their ministries including Doctor Peter S. Ruckman who taught him all he knows about God's word and gave him faith in something that he could believe in, the King James Bible, known by many as the Authorized Version of 1611. You may read the pastors letter written by him here> Pastors Letter


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