If you are new to the area and are looking for a church that cares about the family, the community, and Prattville please come by and visit.


Walking through the doors of a church can be intimidating, and a friendly greeting can make the difference between visitors feeling at home and wishing they'd just slept in.


You can zip around on the web site and see if we are what you may be looking for in a church. The best way is to come by and visit. I challenge you to come see for yourself.


Our goal is to keep the world out so we can have something to offer to the world. The current trend in America by "Bible Believing Churches" is to make it "appealing". They are changing the church in order to get the people to come in and in the process the church as become more and more "worldly". Our mind set is, that we would rather grow in quality and not just in quanity.


Ro 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (people need to hear the word being taught and preached.)


You develop your personal relationship with Jesus Christ through knowing more about his word.


We are independant of all religous organizations and answer to no board or governing body outside of our local assembly. The people govern matters and not a board of deacons, trustees, pastor/pope or the such like. Because of this there is plenty of liberty to serve Him!